Gods first emanations

I’m thinking that gods first two emanations aren’t two divine principles that eventually, further down the line, resulted in the fall to the material world. I think you take the tree of the sephiroth which descends into the qliphoth, fold it in half so that they overlay each other and now we see ain soph emanate into two branches equally, the material and the spiritual. Active and passive, respectively. This ties very well with my earlier gnoses and theories about the nature of the angelic vs demonic powers (angels entities of pure possibility and demons entities of pure matter) AND explains why man is in such high regard that he can, in some practices, control angels or demons. Man, existing at the balance point Malkuth, is the reincarnation of God, equal parts spirit and matter.

June DoMagick Challenge, day 26

This week’s sigil is strong. I’m definitely getting better at sigils in general. I can tell a huge difference between my sigils this week and last compared to the first two. I’m not talking about design or wording either, but effect. For the first two weeks I was pushing my intent with the words that i used to create my sigils. This week especially, and the last part of last week to a lesser extent, I’ve either (accidently) tied my sigil to a particular visualization OR (and I think this is the case) my last two sigils have manifested results that are damn near visible representations of themselves. Either way, I’m happy to report significant progress in sigilizing.

On the nature of Sophia.

Work in progress post. The gnostic beliefs seem to be that there was one God, beyond gender, but that from his very first emanations the Aeons were created in male/female pairs. I think this might be due to the standard conflation of male and female as active or generative and passive or receptive. It’s my belief, right now, that actual femininity didn’t exist until Sophia. That the Aeons above her existed in balance between each other because they were paired active/passive and so no contention existed.

June DoMagick Challenge, day 24

Last night went well. I found my dull knife, so the sigil came out a lot more legible than normal. This week’s sigil is pretty simple, so I should be able to squeeze it in to more places. The only problem with this one will be keeping my intention pure and not mixing in “God I’ll be glad when this month is over”