Magic Monday. But I Did It On Tuesday, And I’m Telling You About It On Wednesday.

The potential to become a business owner unexpectedly presented itself Monday. I contacted the business owner Tuesday, and on the face of it, the terms are probably the most favorable terms a business has ever been sold under. Recognizing this, I decided it’s time for some magick to keep things real. I performed a spell, I’ll keep the details to myself for now, to keep silent being one of the key practices of the craft, but I’m sure you can figure out what it was for. Today, I was contacted by the seller to set up a face-to-face, asked to apply for a lateral move promotion at my current job, and informed that my current position will be taking on a larger leadership role in the near future, effectively becoming a new, higher position, which is essentially a de facto promotion. I’d be foolhardy in the extreme to say that I couldn’t lose if I tried, especially with so many parts still in motion which could fall through at any time, but hot damn. Historically, this would be the part where the universe gets my hopes up and then kicks me in the ass, so there will be secondary spells to keep that in line.

On a more philosophical note, I did run in to a weird place. Mentally, I’ve been very solidly in a buddhist-stoic area. Suffering is caused by expectations, and what’s outside of my control is outside of my control. This runs very counter to the idea of using magick to exert my will on the universe, and even more counter to the core idea of creating magick as a statement of intent written in the current tense, and believing it as something that has already happened. I ran into, and through, a strong mental block where my mind didn’t want to put the belief required into the magick. I don’t think I’m over it, but I got through it once. I’ll need to spend some meditation time of reconciling the two.

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