Full Moon Thoughts

I spent some time in meditation with the moon last night, and jotted down some notes at the end of the meditation of the things that struck me. Here it is verbatim, so excuse any bad grammar:

The beauty in the moon isn’t in its duality or its phases, but in the fact that it is singular and ties two opposites together. When we see the full moon, we’re seeing the new moon too, and so the moon illustrates that both states are the same, appearing dual but not. Totally interchangeable. The 2 are 1. The triple moon is 1, the maiden/mother/crone reflecting the father/son/holy ghost. But again, male and female, a false duality reflecting the moons phases. Reflecting a hidden one-ness. The order of the three is determined by their importance with the first being the most important to society, the second being the most important to religion, and the third occupying a unifying mystery spot. Most important in spirit or magic?

I also stepped… Maybe out of body isn’t the right phrase, but close to it, and visited some friends just to see what I saw. It was a best experience, and while I wouldn’t say I saw their auras, I definitely intuited them, which was a first for me. I see now that my hindrance in what a lot of people take for granted is in second guessing my subconscious when reading for auras, which is something I’ll need to work on. A friend called the way I practice “intuitive magick” and that really struck a chord with me, so it’s important for my growth that I get better at setting aside my rational brain.

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