Two Day Dump

First, sorry to disappoint anyone who finds this page looking for medical advice on extremely long periods of defecation. I recommend you call a doctor, at this point. For anyone still here, I’m still getting back in the groove of posting daily, and the last two days were busy.

Sunday, my circle celebrated the full moon and I was elected on short notice to be HP. I opened with a modified LBRP, and lead a nice guided meditation, which I shamelessly stoke and which you can find at It was a slightly difficult ritual, since my friend whom I recently argued with was hosting, but it went well, and I received several compliments on my guiding.

Yesterday, I spent the evening speaking with a friend who attended the Starwood festival. Definitely on my to-do list for next year, though to be fair, it’s been on to-do list for the last two years as well. I’ve experienced 800-1000 person festivals before, but not with the degree of structure or the level of workshops available at Starwood. But when your friend says “I got to hang out with Oberon Zell, Bright Hawk, and Ian Corrigan” and she doesn’t mean “I attended their classes” she means “I was sitting at the campfire and they came and had a few beers” how can I not go next year? Hell, even the organizers of the other two festivals I usually attend were there, so that’s definitely happening.

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