Getting Back In The Groove

Alan Chapman continues to both impress and depress me. A long time friend of mine recently asked me for advice in the craft, and while explaining to her the different types of magick, I realized that it’s all basically sigils, just instead of making your intent into words into shapes, you make your intent into ingredients into candles, or crystals into grids, or whatever. This was a breakthrough for me, and now, 35 pages in, Alan Chapman has this written all down in plain English. I should’ve read this a year ago. I can’t wait to see what he knows that I don’t.

Daily practice-wise, I did some short very short meditation last night, and already my dreams are taking back on their magickal bent. Nothing too amazing, just a group middle-pillar type ritual, but still glad to be experiencing these things again. The weekend is likely to hold some both magickal and mundane house cleaning to get the altar space usable, and after that the real fun begins.

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