The Triumphant Return

Hello, friends, and welcome back. After quite the hiatus, I am risen. I apologize for my absence. While I have been somewhat lacking in my daily practice, and its effect on my life has been noticeable, I have taken this time to build a stronger relationship with deity, as well as within community. I dare say that, with the help of people I now consider friends, we’ve successfully banded together a working circle of practitioners in an area that had previously been at least half an hour away from any other groups. It’s not the greatest achievement, but it sure saves on gas.

Anyway, on to business. After reading recommendation after recommendation in favor of Alan chapmans “advanced magick for beginners” I’ve finally decided to read it. It has taken him only slightly more than 23 pages to call me out on not keeping a magickal journal. Not-so amazingly, considering how magick works, he described in two paragraphs exactly why my daily practice has stopped.

So, here I am, with apologies. I’m back, hopefully better than ever. I have no doubts that my time away has sown seeds that will reap benefits, as soon as I’ve once again disciplined myself into a state where I feel comfortable asking for them.

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