The Nature of Demons

So, I’d posted previously about how I thought Ain manifested masculine and feminine in the form of angels and demons, possibility and material. That the sephiroth and qliphoth weren’t a tree and its roots, but two side of creation growing in tandem. A conversation I had tonight made me take a deeper look at that, and I’m realizing that the sephiroth doesn’t include the emanations of God like ain, ain soph, and ain soph aur. So now, while I’m still holding to that split into demonic and angelic being a further emanation of God, I’m wondering if it doesn’t happen until Kether, which would actually but it very close to, if not perfectly in line with, the more standard model of Sophia being the final “pure” emanation of God that ended up bringing about the physical universe.

Like all of my posts, this definitely bears further thought, but when a theory comes to me that tends towards aligning with thousands of years of previous practitioners AND doesn’t contradict anything I KNOW to be true, I tend to assume it’s accurate. We’ll see if tonight’s dreams have anything to say on the matter.

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