June DoMagick Challenge, day 11

I swear that keeping up on journaling is almost as hard as keeping up on the challenge. Yesterdays challenge work was run-of-the-mill, other than I did my prep work (lbrp and such) while laying down. I run through it that way a couple of times a month as visualization practice, but also as a reminder that Intent is everything. Most times I can get good enough results to actually feel myself turning between directions. Any movement you can do with your body you can do it your mind, with the same result, if you can visualize it clearly enough. As a matter of fact, I’d argue that with clear enough visualization you could become unaware of the fact that you weren’t in your physical body, and the concentration required to do so would make your magic even more powerful. I’m probably rehashing things y’all already know, but I’m just now discovering them, so bear with me. This post is a little rambly, but I think I warned about that in my inaugural address.


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