New breathing technique

So I’ve pretty much always done the “good air in, bad air out” breathing. Breath comes in, goes down, back up, and out.

Some of the energy circulating breathing techniques have been hard for me because they don’t follow this pattern, since the goal isn’t to get bad air out but to move the energy in the system around. The middle pillar is reversed (to me) in that you breath out/down and in/up and so are some kundalini/pranayama techniques where your breath comes up the back and down the front.

But just now I found myself breathing into the head and then pushing down into and through the body, out the feet. I’ve never read about that anywhere, I’ve never done it before, and it never even occurred to me as an option. Alternatively, breathing up through the feet into the head, then out OR into the feet, then up and out. That last one specifically is very close to middle pillar and the specific kundalini exercise I referenced, but the into the head, out through the body and feet is 100% new to me. It doesn’t have to go out either. It’s so helpful in just continuously drawing energy for me, since I don’t have to “take a break” during half of my breathing time. Super excited about this. **”whole new world” plays quietly in background**

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