A part of a dream

I was just switching candles back and forth like the colors didn’t even matter, which they don’t really, but I grokked why they don’t matter more fully than I have before.

After I wrote this, I went back to sleep and dreamed about shape shifting. I recall that my house was on fire and I had to shift my way out of it.

Also, I’ve been getting lots of tarot readings and ominous messages about death and towers and houses burning down, money troubles, marriage troubles, etc.

Now, back to the dreams. I’ve been thinking about them for an hour or so, and on the surface they don’t really connect, except that they’re magick related. But not too much deeper, it sheds light some of the core tenets of Chaos Magick specifically, but really most (if not all) forms of practical magick that I’m familiar with.

Shape shifting is EVERYTHING we do. Achieving trance? Shapeshifting. How is it possible to spend a whole week crafting and charging a sigil and then you just forget it exists? Shapeshifting. Do you Shoal your sigils? That’s shapeshifting your sigils based on macro level shapeshifting we see in nature. God or Goddess you’re dealing with doesn’t like blue candles? I bet they have an aspect that does, if one of you is in a slightly different form. How do we keep our desire for success from interfering with spells we’ve cast? We make a real and conscious effort to shift to a headspace where we don’t care. It’s all shapeshifting.

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