June DoMagick Challenge, Day Four Update

I did good trance work last night. I was probably a little too deep, because I was definitely spending time on the sleep side of the line, but I’d wake up cogent enough to charge the sigil some, and fall back asleep for a bit. That went on for a few hours, until I finally slipped into a dream about Scarlet Johansens dad dying and her going to live with all of her brothers and sisters on their ancestral island where they only grow and eat potatoes. But even then I woke up enough to get a little message about the nature of sacrificial offerings to the spirits, and how you should give them the best vegetables from your crop by replanting them, because in the long run that means the best plants are the ones passing down their genes and you end up with better crops. What I’m not sure of yet is if, while that’s literally true for plants, it’s allegorically true for animals, in the sense that the gods will provide more blessings if you sacrifice a higher quality animal. I SUSPECT they’re perfectly ok with getting a bite of whatever you’re eating for dinner, because, again in the long run, you NOT killing your prized bull means that the overall level of the offering tends to increase over time.

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