June DoMagick Challenge, Day Two

Some light meditation has given rise to something I hope is profound. The universe loves the illusion of duality, and my sigils will provide it. I’m going to sigilize two sets of complimentary things, even though on the surface they may appear to work against each other. An example might be “I am protected from sticks” and “I am protected by sticks”. This way, the universe doesn’t have to remove all the sticks from my life, because that’s a lot of work. Now it can remove some sticks, and repurpose the rest to be beneficial. It could even use the good sticks to protect me from any remaining bad sticks. Lightweight brilliant if you ask me.

Non DMC: I’m pretty sure there’s a way to overlay the Western 5 element model onto the sephiroth/qliphoth, as well as match ain/soph/aur to the gnostic emanations, though it might require folding the entire thing in half at malkuth, which implies an opposite to ain/soph/aur, and which I would say is undifferentiated matter with no spirit, as opposed to the high pleroma without matter. It’s late and I’m rambling, but that makes at least surface sense.


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