Start crazy, finish strong

Along with the #DoMagick challenge, I’m going to be using this as my personal blog (probably for as long as I decide to keep one) and my personal journal (unless my blog really gains a life of its own) as well as any little thoughts that flit through during the day, gnosi (there’s no way that’s actually the correct pluralization of gnosis) that I need to write down, or parts of old gnoses (even less likely to be correct) that I remember, and probably even dreams, whether or any of them make sense.

I love run on sentences, all forms of clauses, any excuse to use parentheticals, maybe even brackets, and probably incorrect semi-colons. Followers will get a mixture of writing from the level of total incoherence thst never gets explained all the way up to college level papers except without citations, because, and I quote, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

Through various channels, but predominately my personal experience, albeit heavily influenced by those who have come before and are around right now, I’m hoping to cultivate a deeper-than-average understanding of magick across the board, without “drinking the koolaid” of any particular brand too deeply. In the long run, this will give me the knowledge to integrate multiple magickal practices into one coherent system, without diving into any particular paradigm so deep that I become zealotrous.

Obviously, this is a path rooted in Chaos Magick. Intent is everything. But is Intent EVERYTHING? If it isn’t, but magick works for people of every ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic class, then EVERY God is real, including any Gods you make up on the spot. If Intent IS everything, though, the implications are terrifying, but that’s a bridge for later. If I figure out the answer in my introductory post, we won’t get to spend any time together.

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