June Domagick Challenge. Day 1 and plan/research summary

Hello everyone, from a new platform! My research and plan of action is fairly straightforward. Firstly, between today and tomorrow, I will meditate and decide on four base phrases, which will become sigils during the course of this challenge. Every Sunday night, one of those sigils will be fully designed, and will be charged throughout the week through a combination of meditation and energy work, elemental energies, and dissemination into the populace. On Saturdays, I will inscribe the sigil of the week onto my snake ally (who I’ve been calling Mrs. Sippy until she decides to give me her name) to release it’s energy. Repeat weekly. My success gauge is going to be fairly subjective, given the nature of the spells, but the short version is I’m becoming much more vocal about my magickal practice, and I’ve a feeling that by the end of the month I’ll be more or less totally “out,” and I’ll judge my success by how little shit I take for it, if that seems like a solid measuring stick to everyone?


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